Writing master’s thesis in a company (long)

Write your thesis with a company. My name is Christian Toftegaard. I’m 25 years old and I graduated from CBS this Summer with a degree in International Business Communication. Today I work as a Marketing and Communication Lead with Compass Human Resources Group – a Nordic head hunter company. I wrote my thesis with Compass as a case because it gave me a more concrete problem to solve. My focus was to investigate Compas’ different costumer segments and how they perceived us. It was an obvious chance to transfer the theory from my study programme into practice. It is interesting and valuable and it becomes easier to step into a business setting after graduation. Get access to the newest talent We don’t take thesis students in for fun – that’s for sure. We also want to make it possible for the student to write a good thesis in a company that engages.

We sat down and talked about what the research question could be. We realised that we had common interests which could create insights and value for us and the market. We saw a huge strength in the fact that he came in with an objective assessment. He contributed with a theoretical view that we didn’t have time to look at in an busy organisation like ours where clients demand a lot from us. We chose to hire Christian because he came in with drive and energy and a talent that we want to build on.

Start your career here I have gained a huge knowledge about the head hunting business which can seem very closed. I have learned a lot about business strategy which previously was very theoretical. It has been fun to be on the other side and see how things work in practice. One of the positive things about my thesis is that I got an extra advisor. I had my advisor for CBS who could help me with the theory. And one from Compass who helped me with the practical aspect. That helped my process tremendously and made my thesis very sucessfull. Find you next thesis student Find your next talent Find your next project CBS Career Gate.