Reading My Common App Essay

Reading My Common App Essay (Accepted at Ivy League, Stanford, USC, etc.)

So, there we have it! That was my essay for the Common Application.

As you can see I really went into my own background and my curiosity about other people’s stories I was able to highlight my love of traveling using the airplane landing as a metaphor for that curiosity about other people’s stories and for the nuances in people’s characters and backgrounds I really enjoyed writing this essay It took me quite a while to get down It went through so so so many drafts I had my entire family read it, edit it, give back comments stuff like that. But in the end, I think it really turned out the best it could.

So I hope this is a helpful video for you I’m really excited about getting to share this whole process with everyone online. These are the types of videos that I really really appreciated when I was going into senior year. Also, if you have any questions at all feel free to reach out to me. Comment below, DM me on Instagram, anything like that I’ll leave all my social links in the description box Definitely reach out to me and I’ll make a post, I’ll answer you.

Because I want to be as helpful as possible, because I had a lot of fun! in the the college admissions process I think it can be really fun if you allow yourself to put your story out there. And it’s really rewarding once you start getting back your decisions. I hope you guys all have an amazing day. Good luck! Have a great summer! Relax! Do what you need to do. And I’ll be back really soon with another post.