How to Quickly Make a Wonderful PowerPoint Presentation

There are only 3 potential reactions to your presentation. Number one – it was bad. Like really bad. If you put a bit of effort into it, people might say it was good and that they liked it. However, when you work really hard, you get to a point where you surprise everyone so much they instantly fall in love with your work of art. Of course, today we’ll aim for the third reaction with this gorgeous violet-colored PowerPoint design that’s also very fluent and energetic in every aspect. All you need is PowerPoint 2016 and some persistence. The very first step is to design the background. For this, we’re gonna get rid of these predefined text boxes by clicking Layout and Blank. Now click Insert, Shapes, and select a rectangle. We need to stretch it across the entire slide. Under Shape Outline, select No Outline, we’re gonna be doing this a lot. Click Shape Fill, Gradient, and More Gradients. In this panel on the right, tap Gradient Fill once again. We want two colors being on the opposite sides. But first under Type, click Radial and then select the preset in the middle. For our color on the inside, let’s go for this darker purple and for the color on the outside, I’m choosing some very dark blue, in order to make it look like the center is glowing. Next, we’re gonna be adding a lot of circles. Insert the first one, always holding Shift while resizing it and fill it with a gradient as well. We’re also removing its outline.

This time, set the Type to Linear. The 45 degree angle is ideal. My color is this extremly saturated fuchsia, the other one being light blue. I’m setting the Transparency of my 2 colors to 50%. Move this circle aside and by pressing Ctrl + D, duplicate it. This time, fill it with fuchsia and yellow, with a 20% transparency. Click on the view tab and select guides, these will help you a lot when placing stuff. Place your yellow circle in the center and your violet circle a bit to the side. Duplicate it and pick a different location, maybe even turn it around so both color shades are visible. After every of these steps, right click on the yellow circle and press Bring to Front so your work doesn’t get messy. Do this a couple more times until it looks good to you, it’s very important that it’s in your style. When you’re done, it’s time to type in your title. Insert a text box and give your slide a name. Here I’m using the Nettizen font, you can download it in the description below. Let’s make it really large and rotate it a bit for a stylish look. Under Text Options, click Gradient Fill and make your text this extremly bright pink and yellow so it sticks out from the circle. So far, it’s looking perfect. As our next step, you’ll learn how to easily add the beautiful entrance animation. Select your slide and press Ctrl + D to duplicate it. Stretch your mouse selection across all the circles, hold Shift and make all of them tiny. Under Format, select Allign and click Align Center, then again, and Align Middle. Place your small circle to the center, select your text, and make its size as tiny as possible, I’m going with 1.

Make sure both its gradient colors are 100% transparent to make it invisible. Make your yellow circle invisible as well. Select your second slide and under Transitions, make sure you press Morph. Now PowerPoint will do all the work for you and gradually unravel everything. Back here, duplicate your second slide. Select all the circles and move them further aside. Right click, select Group and Group, resize it while holding shift to make it a bit larger and put it to one side. Right click, Group and Ungroup. Now, make your title invisible again, but leave it in place. To make the transition nicer, swap a couple of circles, turn them around or just move them a little. It’s always good to have a picture on-screen, so let’s paste one. Under Crop, select Aspect Ratio and press 1:1, we want a square. Then, click Crop to Shape and select a circle. Now just drag the individual corners of the picture to match the yellow circle behind it. Under Animations, click Add Animation and select Fade. We’re gonna insert a text box. Let’s say my project’s about The Amazon Rainforest. I’m using a font called Akrobat which you can download through a link in the description. Titles look nicer when they combine styles, so I’m making the first part Akrobat Black and the second part Akrobat Light.

The rest of the text is up to you, but let me give you a tip: always use visuals, icons and few words. You can talk about your topic in further detail, just don’t put it all here. For example, I’m googling “tree icon png”. PNG is a picture format with a transparent background which is kind of useful. But as I see, it’s not the color I wanted. I can make my icon white by clicking Corrections, More Correction options and setting the contrast to minimum. Then, pressing Color and selecting white. Play with what you put into this particular slide until you’re satisfied. When you’re done, duplicate the slide. Since it’s a different one, choose another picture. Select all your info and move it above the boundary of your slide. Fill the center with more pieces of information you find relevant. Next, copy the second piece of information and paste it to the previous slide below the slide boundary. Finally, select all of your info and your picture, click Animations, Add Animation and Fade. Next, select the Animation Pane and under the small arrow, make them all start After Previous. Let’s see how that looks. The items are appearing in the wrong order, we can fix that however. Drag the animation of the picture to the very top so it starts first. This way, you can fix all the icons that contain errors. And as the last thing, check whether all your slides have Morph as their transition, otherwise they won’t work properly. Now, you are finished. Congratulations! Your presentation will surely be wonderful. Make sure to subscribe or watch other awesome tutorials on PowerPoint Skills.