Modern kitchen countertops wouldn’t be so popular if there weren’t choices. Once the decision is made to upgrade the kitchen countertop in your kitchen, the only thing left to choose is the color and design. The colors are vibrant and come with customized edges to give them the look that will put the kitchen in a class by itself.

If prestige and beauty are what you seek in kitchen countertops, these modern countertops are the right choice.


If it is time to replace the kitchen countertop, don’t be fooled by resurfacing. While this can be done, it is not as durable as one might think. If the desire is to lay ceramic tile on an existing countertop made from plastic laminate, the best thing to do is remove the laminate or cover it with backer board.

Sanding the laminate will rough it up enough to bond to the mastic, but the longevity of the bond is compromised because plastic doesn’t adhere to mastic as well as backer board.


Shiny or satiny may be the only decision you will have to consider when choosing modern kitchen countertops made from quartz, stone or manufactured material. However, if the kitchen countertop decision includes ceramic tile, then the possibilities are nearly endless. Ceramic tile will require a bit more maintenance than others will, but it is cost effective and allows for many more options for different looks and effects.

Be certain to seal the grout before using the new kitchen countertop to prevent stains.

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