How to write an annotated bibliography

Thanks to Jennie for inviting us out here today. I’m Jake Runge, the coordinator of academic support services at Carl Sandburg College. It means a couple of things, I work with students with disabilities on one hand and tutoring services on campus on the other. First we’re going to talk about annotated bibliographies today. And annotated bibliographies kind of get a bad rep. It’s going to be really, pretty bare bones in thirty minutes or so. I’m not going to be able to cover the detail exactly what every kind of bibliography you are ever going to write is going to be like. So I did want to point out in the back, this is Mark. Mark in the back is one of our English tutors, everybody is turning. We also have Erin Carder down there We got another one that is hopefully going to start here in a week or so. All great with any sort of writing. So if you’re writing a annotated bibliography. I would say first of all keep in mind of some of the stuff that we’re going to talk about today. But as you’re working on them feel free to bring down to the tutoring center and that goes for any of your writing and any of your classes, take it to the tutoring center. We can really work one-on-one with your unique document or unique circumstance so we really like to help students down there How many of you are here for nursing class? I ask you all to go ahead and get out some sort of device connected to wireless. I wanted to start a little bit of a survey So, if you’re at, let me take a moment to get there myself There we go, it should ask for a game pin so if you type in 493033 And go ahead and enter when you get on there, names should start showing up. When we have a fair amount of names on there we will go ahead and get started. Somebody in here is named 1 2 3 4. Alright, is anyone still trying to get in? We’ll go ahead and get started, how this works if you have ever done kahoot game before it is going to ask you questions you have four colors that show up on whatever device you’re using and go up on whatever device you’re using so you want to to pick the answer that corresponds to whatever color. This is just a basic kind of getting a sense of what you know about annotated bibliographies, what your perspectives on them are, there are no right or wrong answer There are some answers that are more right than others, but that’s okay. Alright, so I have created an annotated bibliography before… Your choices are red, yes and it was super helpful. experience of my life hello no i haven’t done one of those before great thank you alright get a lot of time ago alright looks like kind of a wide range of experience most of you never heard that one before and you have the graffiti assignment in nursing classes coming up . you at any point you do any point you have to write a paper right sometimes annotated bibliography can help you in particular just for your instructors so definitely don’t like imitates like I said bad rap okay we’re gonna move on seven of you pick yellow gold difficulty with the following barks your best shot alright so the purpose of an annotated bibliography is to read through your research lu3 record hello thank you for green all right you said create a record of the research done okay definitely not a wrong wrong answer at all I would say any of those colors except for maybe yellow got surprising about those others are valid reasons for doing what I want to focus on today is promoting deeper in your research that’s going in for one especially for those of you who are required alright pretty much the most important thing about an annotated bibliography read the number of sources for blue all the forces another fellow correct format formatting 4-3 detail ok give you quality sources types of sources you find fantastic and I’d say definitely some reasons to go for green ok some reason to go to read if you are writing particularly for class the correct format definitely important baby crying okay last one the purpose of an annotation is some fried rice or analyze source source yeah ok yeah yo Spence alright summarizing it’s probably the highest vote probably something that’s good that’s primarily what you’re going to do one so it sounds like even though a lot of 7 said you had one before sounds like a lot . which is good i’m not going to spending a lot of time on today alright thank you for participating in that always like this alright so like I said annotated bibliography in for any point today what you want their station seems like we’re going to pass questions anything like that stop me because it’s definitely more conversations in the presentation so what is an annotated bibliography of you have heard of one before and bibliographies a list of sources out of public information for publication how many of you with papers and bibliography that’s pretty common ok how many MLA APA tends to be more AKA style or in psychology neuroscience it’s probably an interesting if you were right for nursing class MLA be more enemies so your English classes problems and we’re not going to dwell too much on the formatting side things today you had that down the annotated part annotation is what really sets me apart from regular bibliographies so an annotation in general you annotate something like the annotated article notes usually writing notes off and off to the side margins and your underlying things highlighting things annotations and basically annotated bibliographies are similar right these are your notes about the source and that’s a little bit more formal so an annotation in this case additional information about the source usually providing summary analysis of reflection and the purpose of annotation why you annotate something and a lot of different structures or annotated bibliography as a lead up to a research paper alright so we’ve got a couple of examples and bibliography so that you can see them it will look at them up on the screen later on if on whatever device you have you want to pull up this link in this QR code reader you can download and like i said i looked back at him a little bit so the RNA pull them up that’s fine i got an example in MLA format APA format and that’s to see them off nice and close and you’ll notice on these couple right now below the APA i’ll bring this back at the end so right ok that so you’ll see on this example sample and see where I look at this horse down here got the source work cited in reform in APA style like you would normally do in a bibliography and then you’ve got this extra paragraph describing the source talking about summarizing absorbs it is provided information sometimes about offer some important information about the source and depending on what your instructor once had an annotated bibliography may also be doing the analysis describing the sources of valuable and you may also be doing reflection on the sort that might be important and frankly I can’t tell you that one way of annotating is better than another because it really depends on your instructor and they all want something a little bit different from the anime that give you an idea of why annotations are used in the real world why you should be using the bibliography out when you’re preparing your own research by giving you some general tips on how to ok what they look like you can pull those up so why might you be required to last like your instructors asked to do that a lot of times it’s for assessment purposes which isn’t necessarily for example your instructor Matthew want to use intervals rather than all at once and written paper tonight okay me too for blocking the morning great time a great time ok so do your research intervals if you have a annotated bibliography was doing before your paper your instructor knows that you doing the research reading the research thinking about research before you’re right instructor might also be looking to prove that you are reading and engaging source materials and rather than just picking random goes out of course exactly minus your instructor valence better idea of the sources using so for example they may not want to be bringing all the sources bringing plus all of your 10 and started playing students in the class and pages that’s 200 pages and then the real research I don’t think so so they just want to get an idea of what sources you’re using ok for the lighting checking to make sure you’re on the right track and reputable that you understand sources that you’re finding sources for your research that’s why instructors probably the sign and why do real people annotate bibliographies wider real people actually go out and they publish annotated bibliographies to get into grad school for a master’s or doctoral dissertation there are resources out there where you go out and find and hire public annotated bibliographies better men pleaded to help you with the reason ok so that’s one reason people right and bibliographies I on the list of sources that may be useful dollars research topic and possibly you’re doing it for for those tracking the various sources encounter and their value is probably no better way to their writing a research paper any sort of any length actually reflect them sources reading and talking about how they might be valuable where you might use those sources and possibly i’ve done this depending on what class you’re an instructor is making this you can even freeride copy and paste from your annotated bibliography right in your research and that’s how i’ve written a lot of my research right summarizing a source for analyzing the source your annotated bibliography go to that sourcing research paper you already got good summary and analysis in your annotated alright so what makes for good annotation i mentioned in mind . for this particular reason but formatting and using a style guide so a little ground and blog or online resources to help you actually form citations you want to make sure that you got food formatting but the rest of it beyond that is all about what you put in annotations structure so some good tips to annotate your research and that’s when I say annotate your recent ending as you as you going through articles you’re right in highlighting things that you can then put into your annotated bibliography later so you don’t have to bring that tire iron to research I’d also recommend creating bibliographies you go every time you read a research article or read a book create ok so you don’t have to do all the ones you can actually think about that source to think about what information about this source will be later on what stands out what relates to my research or what information about this other the annotation itself like I said variety of forms usually a good annotation is going to have a decent amount of suffering and be saying this is what sources about this is the offer this is the main point details that really stand now and again you might also end up besides summarizing outlining main arguments you might end up with background information about the offers relevancy to your topic or a little bit of analysis place any questions any of that know that graphic by I want to get to something a little more so I want to take a look at a couple of annotations and you’ll see them on the screen you have a chance if you want to drop some notes down about you can talk about whether or not these good annotations bad annotations but my goal of this is we’re going to forget go to three different annotated bibliography street and we can start us out okay what makes a valuable and what makes it is and alright so you have our graphical injury up here annotation set this recent book drop this book has written other books on body modification lecture at a university in Chapter this scholarly the subject in the description which we’ll discuss this dense including much discussion go to include a bibliography and the author is Professor very personal what are your thoughts on good annotations are bad where we’re going to be proved especially if you’re turning this into an instructor this work assignment repetition necessarily anything the chapter yeah ok next time kappa chapter discusses this summary of what and that’s actually useful right and that’s a good point i do want to mention exactly what those factors are because if you’re writing your paper later on have a bit of an issue that which coach John our source without going back to you want to remember exactly fine what do you want anything else I don’t bibliography absolutely what they have been trying to do from the credibility of the source and they looked into other sources I’d say it’s not that’s not important research you are going to be using that bibliography but it kind of is overall good overall good summary of the book you if you got this source down the background and help you here’s the next one there’s sort of a certain geographical the ante a woman’s secret wanted to finally got one very angry severely lacking that very bones what’s going to be useful about you don’t know because they don’t mention that you were writing paper and write a great source you have to read the entire source in any of what it’s about what kind of music that pretty obvious last one then we’ll open up for general questions alright so sample annotation three entry and then you have this article presents new standard for outsourcing develop standards summarize and a brief discussion is included the implications going forward for business and international trade office location changes to the business community will be relatively minor this is a helpful resource for getting an overview of the current ethics yeah you know exactly what sort out pretty well written nothing extraneous not a lot of one other thing you want to make sure not to do is put in wild and very factual and they’ve done that anything that you would change let’s say we’re turning this into let’s say you’re basically animated for your own purposes your own use anything personally that you did help you out okay so you make it more for yourself that’s about it personally I would have called attention to specific faster business yeah okay . out specific standards it doesn’t have to be anything over-the-top not right for again completely different you’re turning in and start your own purposes turning in everything Strucker you follow the rules and guidelines everything is going to have different rules guide start before philosophy class may want something completely different and bibliography and say single file so most part following their rules but every education is going to have some of the same people have that that well for bibliographic citation as well as a summary of the source and pointing out a couple makes sense any questions or other comments about ok i’m going to go back so then those you want got down one and hold them up on my phone download the PDF for a lot or something like that you can drop down to our Holly take a picture that’s just for future reference see what they look like yeah any questions or comments do you those of you who are writing and hey maybe you’re looking in nursing sources want to make sure the accident and you want to put together and courage to come down that route things like you have questions about finding sources or cite the library for help.