For 35 years, the Greater New Orleans Writing Project at the University of New Orleans has been a site of the National Writing Project, an organization dedicated to improving writing and the teaching of writing throughout the Greater New Orleans area and the nation. We achieve our goals through teacher collaboration, inquiry into best practices, and support of teacher-writers and student-writers in New Orleans area classrooms.
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June 8-June 26, 2015
8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
University of New Orleans Lakefront Campus

37th Invitational Summer Institute: Focus on Teaching Writing to Improve Student Achievement


The Summer Institute model of teachers-teaching-teachers is a unique professional development opportunity for new and veteran classroom teachers in New Orleans and southeastern Louisiana.

Every summer, educators attend the GNOWP Invitational Summer Institute (ISI) to examine their practice and analyze research and theory related to the teaching of writing and its role in student learning. They do so in a unique collaborative community and under the guidance of National Writing Project Teacher Consultants. After the ISI, teachers return to their classrooms as GNOWP teacher leaders: models of effective disciplinary literacy instruction for their schools and districts. Perhaps as importantly, teachers return to their schools reinvigorated.

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WriteFest 2015

Sarah DeBacher | May 6, 2015

As the school year draws to a close, we still can’t shake our excitement about WriteFest 2015. On Saturday, April 18, teachers from across New Orleans and around the country gathered at the University of New Orleans for a day of sharing pedagogy, writing, and above all, feeling pride in what we do. WriteFest is Read More


When I Was Your Age

Sarah DeBacher | April 15, 2015

“There’s school, and then there’s life. At least that’s how we used to think about it when we were students. We’d run into one of our teachers at the grocery store and be all, ‘WHAT?! You don’t LIVE at the school?’ Once, Sarah and her mom bumped into one of her English teachers out walking Read More

Our First Write@UNO Workshop!

Sarah DeBacher | October 21, 2014

Our first Write@UNO workshop of the year was a huge success! We hosted fifteen young writers from schools around New Orleans for a day of tutoring and craft classes. Andy Young hosted our poetry class, in which students were asked to write praise poems in the style of Kevin Young’s “Ode to the Hotel Near Read More

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Greater New Orleans Writing Project

At the Summer Institute, NOLA teachers come together to walk the walk.

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Greater New Orleans Writing Project shared a link.

How Visual Thinking Improves Writing


Encouraging kids to think in pictures and words can free up their creativity and language skills as they write.

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Pop sonnets!

English's Education: Pop Sonnets


Because reading is at the forefront of my life, it's often easy to forget that it isn't (yet) for students. Sometimes their exposure to words and...

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Ain't. That. The. TRUTH!?

The Myth of Having Summers Off


It's time to set the record straight.

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